who am I?

I am Praveen [human emoji] from India 🇮🇳, currently working with a California-based SEO agency.

I believe writing ✍️ is a form of art just like music 🎵, painting 🖌️, screenplay 🎦.

And I am a big fan of art.

I admire Michaelengolo, Michael Jackson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benedict Cumberbutch, Laura Branigan, The Beatles, Paulo Coelho, and many more…

which is why I ❤️ what I do!

My professional beliefs…

I don’t just work with my client, but strive to align my efforts with their mission statement.

Furthermore, I don’t stop at efforts because results are rewarded; efforts are not.

My Story

My story begins in the year 2012 when I got the internet 🌐 connection at my home 🏠.

I was more than happy 😊 because back then, for Indian parents Internet was anything but good 😑.

Before that, I had already learned to browse the web and download as I was a regular visitor at the nearest Cyber café. As I was exploring the Internet deeper every day, the quest in me was rising too.

 Straightforward to 2012, when I finally managed to get the Internet connection at my home, the first thing I did was to search “how to make websites”; they always fascinated me. I wanted to build something like Orkut, Yahoo, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Struggling with not-so-good quality internet service back then, I found Blogger and WordPress that claimed to build websites.

Through this, I came across blogging through which there were people earning money online.

After experimenting with Blogger.com for a while, I tried WordPress.com, where I started blogging about tech and gadgets reviews.

After receiving a satisfactory response from the readers – the number hardly exceeded 100 per month – I wondered how I could make money online, which led me to “wordpress.org,” which further led me to learn PHP. Hence web development.

So, this is how I learned blog writing and web development, after which I built websites for a few startups from almost every industry during my university days.

Pursuing graduation, I tried my hands on dance, music, basketball (failed though), and entrepreneurship, which helped me to explore various aspects of life and art.

I started joining clubs, Google Developer Group (GDG), going to events, seminars, participating in public speaking, gave presentations all because I wanted to build the next Facebook or Google. Ha-ha!

I continued writing and creating websites, learning new technologies, copywriting, SEO, and content marketing.

In my second year of graduation, I joined my batch mate Aditya Porwal and started Talspo, which is aimed at connecting people, developing skill sets, and nurture their talent at an early age regardless of a college degree.

Alongside Talspo, I started SollyHub that provided digital marketing solutions to the startups with low budget and are non-funded.

iPraveenKumar is where I provide tips, help articles, my theories, and some principles of life that have proven to work for me both professionally and personally.

Being a freelancer, I am open to opportunities like writing blogs, how-to articles, guides, technical articles, ad copy, email marketing copy, social media copy, title and headlines, and Meta Title/Description.

I am also available for guest posting and ghost posting.

So, if you are looking for a freelance writer who grows along with you on your journey; please let me know!

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